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    Sponsored Race

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    After the success of our last epic event, thank you, to raise funds to build a new school hall our three adventurers are on another heroic saga! The Bishops’ Library Challenge!

    On 28th May 2021, the school’s Chair of Governors, Head Teacher and Year 5 Teacher, along with brave volunteers from the school community are racing against the clock from The Bishops’ C of E & R C Primary School to The British Library, approximately 35 miles away! Each of our adventurers will carry a freshly printed copy of The Bishops’ Covid Story and will be racing to be the first one to have the book entered in to The British Library’s collection.

    No doubt Mr Waters (Head Teacher) and Mr Evans (Year 5 Teacher) will be desperate to make amends for their 3rd and 2nd place finishes respectively in the Race to Canterbury but will they be able to get ahead of Mrs Uzzell (Chair of Governors) this time round?

    Visit The Bishops’ Hall Project Facebook site to find out more or speak to reception to get involved.