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    Parents whose children will be five during the period 1st September 2020 to 31st August 2021 wishing to apply for a place at this school will receive details from Essex County Council in October.

    To obtain a copy of our Admission Policy please contact the school office on Chelmsford (01245) 460107.

    To view our booklet for prospective parents please click HERE.

    Parents will be required to complete both the County’s Common Admission Form and our Supplementary Information Form( S.I.F.).  The Supplementary Information Form will need to be returned to the school before 15th January 2021 as this enables the school’s Admissions Committee to ensure that places are allocated according to our Admission Policy.

    Mid Year Application

    If you would like to apply for a place at this school for your child, for example if you are moving house, you wish your child to transfer schools, or for any other reason:

    • Please telephone the school office on the above number for further information.  We welcome all enquires and are happy to arrange for a mutually convenient time for you to visit the school
    • Please also contact Essex County Council on  0845 603 2200 for an application form, or alternatively, download and print a form from their website

    If you are applying from abroad please contact Essex County Council first, as additional information may be required with your application form.


    Timetable for Admissions and Appeals

    Admisson Appeals Form

    Guide to Admission Appeals