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    Hello and welcome to The Bishops’. My Name is Rob Higgs and I have been Chair of Governors since 2021. I am a parent at the school and it’s a wonderful privilege to be a part of the school community.

    As a team, the governors serve this wonderful and unique school in several ways. Our Christian ethos is rooted deeply in the traditions of both the Anglican and Catholic churches and we are the only school of this type in Essex. We are committed to the vision we promote in developing every child to their full potential. Education is more than academic studies and so much life experience and human behaviour is developed in these early years.

    The governors are held accountable by the government for the smooth and effective running of the school, so alongside supporting the strong curriculum we are responsible for overseeing the financial stability of the school and the health and safety of all those within our school community.

    ·       We set the strategic direction of the school with the Head Teacher to promote the school ethos in accordance with the schools’ unique foundation.

    ·       Monitoring within school is done in a few ways from formal assessments of particular area’s to just being present and absorbing the wonderful atmosphere and the work taking place. We evaluate the progress towards the school’s priorities and targets and the ever-changing landscape of education while making sure the children are happy and healthy and we are providing an environment that fosters their creativity.

    ·       We support and value the health and wellbeing of the Head Teacher and all the staff who are at the heart of the school and who make it such a brilliant place to be.

    As always in life no matter how hard people try there are times when things don’t quite go to plan. If there is a concern that you wish to raise, then please speak to your class teacher where appropriate or the Headteacher.  If, however you feel the matter is unresolved our Complaints Procedure will explain how best to proceed.

    If you would like to contact the governors for any other reason, then please email me and I would be happy to talk. We welcome all feedback.

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