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    Our Curriculum

    Our school follows its own curriculum, built around the National Curriculum and incorporates the Global Dimension. The Foundation Stage follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.


    CurriculumWe follow the National Curriculum in Mathematics, ensuring that we develop key Number objectives along with appropriate Shape, Space and Measures and Data Handling objectives. We follow our calculation policy which is on our website.

    Progression Calculations


    Curriculum2English is essential to communicating with each other in all aspects of our everyday lives. Wherever possible we use it as a medium through which we teach our foundation subjects.

    We have a rich culture of reading. Each year we have visiting authors, reading competitions, bedtime story sessions and we invest in new reading material. We value the different elements of reading: developing phonics and phonemic awareness, encouraging children to read widely, reading to children, ensuring they comprehend what they are reading and most importantly finding a love of reading.

    Reading at The Bishops’ (Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1)

    Reading at The Bishops’ (Key Stage 2)


    Religious Education

    Curriculum3Throughout the school we follow the ‘Come and See’ syllabus. A Catholic Primary Religious Education programme for Foundation and Key Stages 1 and 2. The school progresses through different topics every few weeks, with each year group studying a given element of it. Each topic is opened up through: Explore, Reveal and Respond. Every term the children also study a different world faith.

    Foundation subjects

    Curriculum4Our curriculum aims to provide all children with a good understanding of key historical periods and the world around them today, along with the skills to use computers and technology in a rapidly changing world. Children have opportunities to develop an understanding of their own spirituality, Christianity and other world faiths. They also develop their creative skills through the Arts. A trip or visitor is planned by each teacher termly to further develop and enhance the children’s learning; this includes a residential trip in Year 6. The subject content for each year group has been allocated by our Curriculum development Leaders, in conjunction with the National Curriculum, and can be found on our website.

    Science at The Bishops’ (Spring 2018)

    Curriculum6We place importance on developing global citizens and strengthening the Global Dimension within our school; this forms our Personal Social Health Citizenship Education along with E-Safety in context and ‘Journey in Love’. Our children develop a social conscience and a strong understanding of their rights and responsibilities towards others and the environment; they learn how to stand up for what is right, to challenge stereotypes, to consider the views of others and how to work co-operatively. We study progressive objectives through the following stands:


    Knowledge & Understanding


    Values & Attitudes


    Social Justice and Equity Sense of identity and self-esteem Critical thinking
    Diversity Empathy and sense of common humanity Ability to argue effectively
    Globalisation and interdependence Commitment to social justice and equity Ability to challenge injustice and inequalities
    Sustainable development Value and respect for diversity Respect for people and things
    Peace and conflict Concern for the environment and commitment to sustainable development Co-operation and conflict resolution
    Belief that people can make a difference   

    The children’s curriculum is enriched by specialist teaching in the performing arts (drama and music), French (Key Stage 2) and sport.