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    Parents are asked to notify the school of any absences.  For absences due to illness, please call the school office by 9am on 01245 460107 or email with your child’s name, class and reason for absence.  For medical appointments, please send an email together with a copy of the appointment letter if you have one.

    Absences for any other reason should be avoided whenever possible.  However, if you do need to apply for leave of absence for exceptional circumstances, then a leave of absence form should be completed, and returned by email to the above email address, giving at least two weeks’ notice.

    Parents should also notify the school of amendments to pupil details, medications that require administering, the intention to remove a pupil from the school roll, and, any changes to consent e.g. photography, and, for year 5 and 6 pupils, permission to walk home alone.

    Please find links to the relevant forms below:

    Leave of absence form

    Change of pupil details form

    Administering of medicines form

    Leaver’s form

    Consent form

    Permission to walk home alone